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Formaldehyde Is Harmful,Air Purifier Is Needed
Mar 13, 2018

       Many families  decorate their new homes or  renovate their homes in spring. After the renovation, the most disturbing issue may be formaldehyde residues in the rooms. According  to relevant data, the volatilization point of formaldehyde is 19°C, and  the volatilization time can be as long as 3 to 15 years.These two points make formaldehyde become the number one killer of many  families. Nowadays, with the rise of temperature  in spring, the volatilization point of formaldehyde is exactly reached.  With the increase of temperature, the release rate of formaldehyde will double, and the indoor formaldehyde concentration will increase. There is a lot of evidence that formaldehyde has become the main culprit in  respiratory diseases, cancer, leukemia, children's developmental  malformations, decreased immunity, infertility, and pregnancy syndrome.Children, the elderly, and pregnant women are three high-sensitivity groups.

        First of all,  infants and young children, with weak resistance and discharge capacity, easier to inhale a lot of formaldehyde and  difficult to discharge; for pregnant women, long-term exposure to  formaldehyde can cause fetal development affected, can seriously lead to  deformity or miscarriage. In addition, the  decoration pollution gas such as formaldehyde may also affect the  respiratory system and nervous system of elderly people who have been  living in the room for a long time because of the slow metabolism,  physical function decline, or inconvenient mobility. Therefore, after the decoration or purchase of new furniture, the treatment of indoor formaldehyde is imperative for families.

        In general, placing an air purifier in your home is the most common method of removing formaldehyde. The use of formaldehyde to clean the air with superior cleanliness is  extremely critical, and the ultra-formaldehyde version of the Smart  Breath Air Purifier, launched by Hammer Technologies, is the most  effective for aldehyde removal in spring.

       BEIDOUYH air purifier is most effective in removing formaldehyde.