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Formaldehyde Into Leukemia Induces Ou Longdes Air Purifier Strength To Wait For Children's Health
Jul 26, 2018

Technological progress, economic development, and destruction of the ecological environment are the "features" of economic development in many countries. But bad habits, environmental pollution and other factors can lead to cancer. Among various types of cancer, the incidence of leukemia is getting higher and higher, and among the causes of the disease, air pollution is the primary factor, especially the formaldehyde pollution generated after the decoration.

Recommendation: Every parent who intends to move into a new home will check the indoor formaldehyde content and meet the standard.

A half-year survey of Pediatric Surgery at Beijing Children's Hospital found that nearly 90% of the children with leukemia who had been consulted had recently renovated their homes. A statistic also showed that 46.7% of children with leukemia admitted to the Children's Hospital Institute of Hematology in the past 10 years had undergone renovations in the first half of the year.


>Formaldehyde harms the human body and symptoms

Statistics show that after the renovation of the new home, headache, dizziness, fatigue, poor sleep accounted for 30%; skin mucous membrane irritation accounted for 30% to 40%; chest tightness, throat problems accounted for 30% to 40%; Rhinitis accounts for about 40%; carcinogenic accounts for 10%, and the terrible formaldehyde pollution makes people shudder.


>Removing formaldehyde science

first,Please specialize in removing formaldehyde. then more ventilation, the second-hand house of the new house will be put on for more than 3 months after the decoration. However, the limitation of window ventilation is too great. We can't guarantee the ventilation of windows at all times, and the potential evaporation period of formaldehyde is as long as 3-15 years. Therefore, most people look at the air purifier.


Note: Professional formaldehyde removal air purifiers must have these conditions.

household air cleaner.png 

The only air purifier with a formaldehyde sensor in the market.

Industrial formaldehyde sensor was built-in our middle and top grade to monitor concentration of formaldehyde.We are unique as the formaldehyde sensor is expensive .

Added PM2.5,formaldehyde and other air quality sensors,our products will automatically adjust the speed according to the real-time detection results to reduce the noise and save power.