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Formaldehyde Air Purifier
Apr 03, 2018

    In fact, in the process of the outbreak of the air purifier market, we saw  that behind the consumer enthusiasm is the increase in the requirements  for healthy living, and the air purifier also gives Chinese users the  universal importance of healthy appliances in life. Mist weather may leave, but the concept of concern for air health has already taken root in users' hearts.
    If inhalable particles are not present, is the air healthy enough? Obviously  not, especially in fast-paced modern urban life, formaldehyde, benzene,  TVOC, etc., which have been volatilized from building materials such as  furniture, paint, adhesives, etc., have become a major problem in  healthy living. How to save themselves and their families has become an important issue in the air purifier market. The  harm of formaldehyde to the human body began to be manifested mainly in  abnormal sense of smell, irritation (punching, tearing), allergies, and  abnormal lung function. Long-term  exposure can cause all kinds of chronic respiratory diseases, causing  nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, neonatal chromosomal abnormalities,  and even can cause leukemia, causing serious consequences such as  memory and mental decline in adolescents. Benzene is harmful to humans  because long-term inhalation of benzene can cause regenerative  disorders. Anemia;  and TVOC can cause dizziness, headache, drowsiness, weakness, chest  tightness and other symptoms, of which formaldehyde is the most serious  harm. The core of aldehyde removal is the air purifier filter material.