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Either The Home Equipped With A Fresh Air System Or An Air Purifier?
Sep 11, 2018

Fresh air systems and air purifiers are useful "weapons" to solve the problem of home air quality. However, many users report to Aiwu.com, and when they choose which one to use, they will still be entangled and do not know which one to choose. Today, let's spread the knowledge to everyone.

The fresh air system is an air circulation treatment system consisting of a ventilator, a pipeline, etc. The main function is to filter and purify the outdoor fresh air into the room through the pipeline, while diluting the indoor carbon dioxide content and increasing the indoor oxygen content, and Indoor dirty air is discharged outside to keep indoor air fresh.

The air purifier is an internal circulation system that uses filtration technology to filter or adsorb pollutants and bacteria in the air in the enclosed space to achieve air purification and disinfection, but does not provide fresh air.

The “new national standard for air purifiers” was officially implemented, and the public is no longer strange to air purifiers. The "Technical Regulations for Residential Fresh Air Systems" was also included in the national preparation plan last year, and the timing of the new wind system entering ordinary family houses has gradually matured. Install a new style? Or an air purifier? Please look down and you will know.
Some people may be confused: how do air purifiers and fresh air choose? Two choices or one? Strictly speaking, whether to install a fresh air system or an air purifier at home still depends on the situation.

  1. If your home is a new home, it has not been renovated. Then, you can choose the fresh air system. Because this requires the cross beam, the wall hole, and the pipe, it is a systematic project. Of course, if you think this project is more complicated, you can choose an air purifier to remove formaldehyde and improve the air quality.

  2.  If it is an old house, the family has been renovated. Then, the ordinary fresh air system is not realistic and not beautiful. At this time, you can choose a portable air purifier, which is cheap and convenient.

In general, the fresh air of the pipeline is best installed before the decoration, the best effect and high cost. If you don't want to destroy your home environment and want to enjoy a high-quality living environment, you can choose an air purifier.

As for the choice of fresh air and air purifiers, it is mainly based on the needs of the user's living environment. In any case, improving the quality of life and benefiting your health is the most important thing....