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Don't Let The Noise Of Air Purifier Disturb You
Jan 22, 2018

      For air purifiers, the working principle of different products is not the same. According  to the working principle, the air purifier can be divided into active  purification and passive purification two, these two different working  methods of the product, occupy the vast majority of the market share. In addition, there are some manufacturers introduced a set of two functions and an air purifier products. One  of the most common, for the active purifying air purifier, this type of  product is usually built-in fan design, its working principle is to  inhale indoor air into the purifier dirty air.

     Through the filter, achieve the function of purifying the air. Under  normal circumstances, this type of air purifier has a plasticized  cotton coarse filter, HEPA filter layer and the catalytic filter layer  of three filters, respectively, can filter out air PM2.5 and PM10 and  other particulate matter. For the active purification of the air purifier, the filter is good or bad played a key role. Therefore,  when you buy the product, pay more attention to the details of the  filter, such as the filter activated carbon particles is enough.

    Active purifying  air purifier also has some shortcomings, that is, this type of product  due to the built-in fan, so there is a noise problem. In general, the noise is around 40-70dB. For the noise, everyone is unwilling to hear it. Especially when falling asleep in the evening, if it is as high as 60-70dB of noise, it will have a great impact. However, for this issue,BEIDOUYH air purifier take full account of it. Many  air purifiers have different air volume modes, such as providing  different modes for high speed and low speed to choose from. If the user chooses the low air volume mode, the fan will operate at a slower speed and the noise will be drastically reduced. In  addition, some products have also joined the sleep mode, the fan will  be completely closed, the noise problem will cease to exist.


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