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Does Your Air Purifier Prevent Allergies?
Mar 16, 2018

       We have all heard of Japanese hay fever, peanut allergy in Europe and the United States. For  many Chinese people, the word "allergies" appears to be both remote and  hypocritical, as if it were only a matter of eating well.

      Allergies  are actually a general term for a wide range of diseases. The ones we  mention daily are mainly caused by food and air allergens. The  allergens that ordinary people can tolerate, just a little, can trigger  a strong, excessive immune response in allergic persons, resulting in a  variety of unpleasant symptoms.

     The  Chinese are not allergic insulators. In addition to food, the air  problem is often caused by allergies, especially when spring comes.  Pollen, dust, and allergic bacteria can easily cause allergies. Some people have to ask why many people are not susceptible to allergies in the spring.

     In  the past year, due to effective environmental governance in many  cities, the air conditions have changed a lot. Have you discovered that  the air is getting better, fewer people have allergic pharyngitis  around, and fewer people have cough? We all know that there are many harmful substances on smog particles, but we do not know how these harmful substances harm us. The dust mites attached to the smog particles are one of them. Mite is different from pollen, it has no seasonal clues, so it is very easy to be ignored. Of course, in smog particles, there are not only allergens but also many viruses and bacteria. Many  babies and elderly people with weaker resistance often get sick for no  reason, probably because of these floating viruses and bacteria in the  air. The haze never stops and allergies go away. A better living environment, the body can be better.

       A  large sample survey of 460,000 children in 27 provinces in mainland  China from 2009 to 2010 showed that if parents smoke and household  kitchen smoke is too heavy, the child is more likely to develop allergic  asthma; in addition, air pollution, indoor renovations  and air-conditioners that have not been cleaned for a long time will  increase the concentration and effects of allergens in the air. The  prevalence of allergic asthma in China is about 3.2%, which is not  high, but China is one of the countries with the highest mortality rate  of asthma. China's lack of understanding of this disease and its lack of attention have led to this result.

      BEIDOUYH air purifier can effectively filter out  viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, catkins and so on. The  fully open air supply port has no contact with the human face, which  not only avoids the feeling of boring mask, but also facilitates  activities.


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