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Desktop Air Purifier
Apr 09, 2018

      Some  industry watchers in South Korea say that air purifiers are expected to  continue their sales momentum in 2018 and sales may reach as much as 3  million units.

     Yonhap News  Agency reported on the 8th that more and more South Koreans worry about  air quality, and thus have increased reliance on air purifiers, and the  number of households purchasing two or more purifiers has increased. In 2014, the sales volume of air purifiers was approximately 500,000 units, and sales in 2017 soared to 1.4 million units. Moreover,  the Korean government recently announced that it will install air  purifiers for all kindergartens, elementary schools, and special  education schools within three years. Some industry observers have  therefore estimated that sales of purifiers will reach 2 million to 2.5  million units by 2018, and the highest number may be 3 million.

     The  main products sold in the Korean home appliance market have changed from  refrigerators and washing machines to air conditioners and air  purifiers.