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Compare Different Technologies Air Purifier
Jan 17, 2018


     With the  increasingly serious air pollution, a variety of air purifier followed,  each air purifier using different technologies, then the different  technologies of air purifiers have those advantages and disadvantages?

    Air purifier carbon technology
    Advantages: Adsorption of odor in the air
    1,  can not be physical, chemical, biological reaction of formaldehyde,  benzene and other harmful substances decomposition, in order to achieve  the purpose of purifying the air.
    2, need regular replacement and continue to produce costs.

    HEPA technology air purifier
    Advantages:  is the acronym for high eifficency oarticle air filters, the Chinese  meaning is efficient filter, for the 0.3 micron or more of the small  particles, dust, bacteria, viruses and other substances, effective  filtering.
    1. Easily damaged, can not be washed, must be replaced regularly to continue to use. Maintenance expensive.
    2. HEPA filter high density, there must be a strong row of suction fan to drive the air flow through it, more power consumption.
    3. Only filter through the air pollutants particles and odor.

    Ultraviolet technology of air purifier
    Advantage:Antivirus, sterilization function, the use of low cost.
    Disadvantages:UV easy to human cornea, skin damage, can not man-machine coexistence.

    Ozone technology air purifier
    Advantages:  low concentrations of ozone can kill the left in the air, water, the  surface of a variety of human and animal pathogens, viruses, Mycoplasma Body and microbe.
    1, excessive ozone is invisible killer, can cause human neurotoxicosis, dizziness, headache, decreased vision, memory loss.
    2, can not man-machine coexistence.
    3, can not adsorb solid particles.

    Anion air purifier
    Advantages:  Anion and dust in the air, the combination of dust particles, resulting  in electrostatic dust, dust particles, attracted by the ground after  the settlement, play a role in purification.
    Disadvantages: can not eliminate formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases.