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Caring For The Family To Start From The Air Purification
Aug 27, 2018

Pollution has irreversible damage to the human body. Gradually, everyone began to turn the "extraordinary" air pollution air purifier into a must-have home appliance for their family, and there is still a "obvious" effect.

At present, the traditional filter-type air purifier has a very high removal efficiency of "haze", and the black spot on the filter screen after filtering air is the most direct proof, and also gives consumers a sense of peace of mind. However, as everyone knows, air pollution is not only smog, but also various pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and bacterial viruses. The filter screen can't do anything about it. With the structural problems such as air ducts, it is inevitable that there will be dead ends.

Therefore, most of the filter-type air purification can only produce a certain purification effect around the air purifier. It takes a long time to filter all the indoor air, which is difficult to purify the whole indoor environment. Active air purification is the optimal solution for future space products.

With acquired national invention patents long-term disfection and neutralization technology,BEIDOU satellite information technology launched intelligent air quality optimization solution which set the air quality automatic assessment ,odor active removal,fungi and viruses take the initiative to kill,PM2.5 concentration initiative to reduce and other function in one by means of the satelliate technology from the sentor network technology.