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Caring For Children's Health, Starting With Indoor Air Purification
Oct 30, 2018

It is the most important thing for parents to let every child grow up healthily and happily. However, due to the popularity of home decoration, more and more children are suffering from indoor air pollution. According to survey data, formaldehyde pollution is the first cause of indoor pollution in China. Children inadvertently inhaled formaldehyde gas, which is likely to induce leukemia, cancer and other major diseases, thus endangering life!


We hope that our home is a safe harbor that allows us to relax and breathe freely! However, is the room really safe? On the contrary, indoor air pollution is sometimes more serious than outdoor. Indoor air pollution is the third pollution period after soot-type pollution and photochemical smog-type pollution. Relevant data show that indoor air pollution is 5-10 times higher than outdoor, and indoor air pollutants are more than 500. Especially in the decoration process, the chemical gases released by various building materials and decorative materials are becoming the cause of many diseases.

It can be said that the quality of indoor air quality is directly related to the health of everyone, especially those with weak resistance such as children and pregnant women. Among all kinds of hazardous gases, formaldehyde is one of the main causes of indoor air pollution, and it is also one of the chief causes of childhood leukemia. In recent years, more and more children have been harmed by indoor pollution due to the popularity of home decoration.

Because children's breathing is much higher than adults by weight, and children live longer indoors than adults, they are more exposed to indoor formaldehyde than adults. At present, formaldehyde is widely regarded as the first indoor killer in all walks of life. Its release period is as long as 3-15 years, which is more harmful to the human body, especially infants and pregnant women. Authoritative surveys show that children with leukemia have a higher proportion of home decoration before half a year, and formaldehyde has become one of the important causes of leukemia. The grim reality is in front of you, don't let it be a potential killer for your child's health.