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Car Air Purifier Guarantees Health
Jul 24, 2018


For many friends, choosing a private car brings countless travel conveniences to life, whether it is for new cars or old cars, it can not avoid the air quality problems inside the car. The air inside the car mainly comes from the non-ventilation inside the car, and various materials in the car will affect the air quality inside the car. The air pollution source mainly comes from the car body material, painting, decorative materials, etc., among which formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, etc. are toxic. The consequences of material pollution are the most serious. Especially for the new car itself, leather products, adhesives, interior decoration, automotive air conditioner evaporators, these will affect the air inside the car. At this time, we only need to choose a car air purifier to solve the big problem.

The air pollutants in the car come mainly from two aspects: one is from the inside of the car, and the other is the air pollution from the outside world. In many cities, the streets are filled with dust and various pollution suspended matter, even your car. Closed doors and windows, the engine's suction port will still bring these external particulate matter pollution and internal formaldehyde, benzene and other gaseous pollution into your cabin environment. Most of the car's air-conditioning filter elements have no air purification function, and there is almost no filtering effect on PM2.5 and other particulate matter, so hiding in the car does not allow you to stay away from the outside pollution;


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So long-term in a polluted car environment, especially for children, the elderly, this will cause irreversible damage to the skin, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Then choosing a car air purifier is a necessary investment. Choosing an air purifier comes from, need to pay attention to these aspects?

First, the installation space: different product sizes, smaller models of the need to determine the installation location will not affect the driving comfort. It is necessary to consider whether it is convenient to place in the car. If it is not convenient to place it in the car or there is a safety hazard after placement, no matter how good the air purifier is.

Second, the material volume: air purifiers are large and small, some models and designated models are suitable for installation, then you need to match your own car body space when shopping. The material of the product also needs to be resistant to abrasion and high temperature to prevent embrittlement after a period of use.

Third, safe and efficient: Since it is necessary to spend money for good air, then the technical characteristics of the purifier is also the main factor to consider, can it filter most types of pollution sources? Whether the area and speed of filtration meets the needs are all decisive factors. For example, a small power product may be basically ineffective in response to a large space model.

Fourth, accessories maintenance: Corresponding to most purifiers, are built-in "filter", "ion group", "activated carbon" and many other parts that need to be cleaned and replaced, then regularly replace the filter according to the product manual or Ion generators, activated carbon bags, etc. are the right way to use the car purifier.

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Choosing an excellent car air purifier is not the same as choosing another car, because many times we have no conditions to compare the technical differences between the product and the product. We can't just evaluate the pros and cons of a car air purifier based on whether the appearance of the product is good or not. To get a good cleansing effect, we can only choose the products with the most functions, the strongest filtering ability and the most filtering function.

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