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Can The Purifier HEPA Filter Be Washed?
Aug 07, 2018

The air purifier market is in full swing, and the composite air purifier has received much attention. Even the top ten air purifiers use the filter + negative ion purification method. General air purifiers are three-layer filter screens, primary filter + HEPA filter + activated carbon filter, these Pusen's primary filter can be permanently replaced, as long as regular maintenance. So how does the HEPA filter need to be maintained? Can the HEPA filter be washed?


The material of the HEPA filter is generally polypropylene or other composite material, which belongs to paper. Washing with water will destroy the filter structure. In addition, the purification principle of the HEPA filter is not simply to filter out particles larger than the mesh to purify the air like a sieve. The HEPA filter relies on the van der Waals force between the fine particles and the filter to form an adsorption effect. When brushed with water, it also destroys the electrostatic adsorption capacity of the filter. The fine particles can easily pass through the filter that loses the adsorption capacity, and the air purifier becomes Electric fan. As we have verified, although the surface of the filter looks clean after cleaning, but also loses the purification ability, so the HEPA filter can not be washed, if you feel that the home HEPA filter has been used for a long time It’s getting dirty, so it’s best to change a new one, don’t feel bad about it.

In addition, some HEPA filters are made of PET material, which can be cleaned by merchants. However, the purification efficiency of PET HEPA filter is very low. Xiaobian also warns everyone not to lose more. When choosing, try to choose high-quality HEPA filter.