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Can The Ozone Air Purifier Purify Indoor Pollutants Effectively?
Sep 25, 2018

After the rain, when you walk in the woods, you will usually smell a very fresh air, and this taste is ozone. Ozone is present in forests and urban outdoor environments. Its stability is extremely poor. Under normal temperature and pressure, it can be quickly decomposed into oxygen quickly within half an hour. If the ventilation is good, the decomposition rate of ozone will be faster.

1.Ozone has a strong oxidizing ability. When the concentration is high, it will cause harm to the human body. As long as the safe use of ozone can completely protect people's health from harm, and when the concentration of ozone below 0.1PPM is breathed, it will have health effects on the human body. The bacteria in the human body may be killed by ozone.

2, the role of ozone ozone is a recognized high-efficiency air bactericide, has a strong oxidizing ability, can disintegrate bacteria from the inside, can also directly interact with bacteria, viruses, in order to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses . Therefore, we can see that ozone preservation and disinfection have become very common methods in the fields of preservation of many fresh foods and disinfection of medical devices.

When ozone becomes scarce in the atmosphere, it loses its important function of blocking ultraviolet rays to protect the earth's living things, but when it is too concentrated in the troposphere, its effects on animals and organisms are like toxins, which not only make plants Oxidation of leaves can also damage the respiratory system of humans and animals.