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Can An Air Purifier Remove Odors?
Sep 20, 2018

Whether the home  or office is generally dirty, especially in humid weather, it will  breed a lot of bacteria. At this time, if you choose to use an air  purifier, you can filter out bacteria and dust. It  also removes the annoying odor, which improves the cleanliness of the  air and solves many problems, allowing people to breathe healthy air.


Can an air purifier remove the odor-- Type of air purifier

The  filter in the air purifier is the main component and is a component  that removes particles. It can be divided into different types depending  on the filter. For example, high-efficiency  particulate air (HEPA) filters, which filter out particles larger than  0.3 microns, allow only air to pass through, and allergens and dust in  the air can be filtered out.

The second is  that the ion air purifier can filter the dots in the air to prevent  people from being disturbed by static electricity. The third is an ozone generator that converts oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. There is also an adsorbent, which mainly removes odors, smoke and chemicals from the air, thus making the air fresher. For  ultraviolet light in the air, the air purifier can also play a  corresponding role to eliminate the potential hazards of bacteria and  viruses circulating in the air.

The  function of the air purifier is relatively strong, especially with the  continuous change of technological innovation. With the continuous  improvement of the competitiveness of various brands, as the demand of  people continues to increase, the equipment with better purification  effect is continuously introduced. There are many air  purifiers that can remove odors. If users feel that they have more odors  at home, then they can choose products with this function. For newly  renovated houses, it is better to choose equipment that can remove  formaldehyde and other odors. This will make the indoor air cleaner and make the family's healthy life more secure.