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Can An Air Purifier Effectively Purify Indoor Polluted Air?
Aug 14, 2018

Now our living standards are gradually improving, people pay more attention to the quality of life, and they gradually begin to realize the importance of air quality to health. As demand has increased, air purifiers have emerged. Air purification can help us purify the polluted air in the room and bring a new experience of clean and healthy air to many families. 

1.the polluted air is fully purified

A good air purification can not be lame, it must be able to fully purify the common "three-state pollution" of smog, formaldehyde and germs. Commonly used in the market is the high efficiency of smog purification, while the purification effect of other pollutants is not ideal. The BDYH air purifier comprehensively removes bismuth, aldehyde removal and dust removal to meet the purification needs in diverse environments. In winter, it can purify smog and decompose formaldehyde in summer. For families with elderly and children, the bactericidal function can also effectively prevent diseases.


2. the maintenance cost is very low

The filter element is one of the most important components of the air purifier, and the air purification effect is also determined by the filter element. However, the filter has a service life. After a period of use, the filter replacement indicator will remind us to replace the filter. Filter cartridges are generally a few hundred dollars or so, so the cost of the air purifier can not be underestimated. BDYH air purifiers use formulations to reduce costs while ensuring safety.

Gas purifiers have undergone a fierce process of surviving the fittest in recent decades, and have also precipitated a large number of excellent brands and products. So for consumers, if you want to know which brand of air purifier is good, understand the basic performance parameters and product quality of the brand, you can master the quality of the air purifier, and the BDYH air purifier gives us a better Choice.