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Can Air Purifier Remove The Formaldehyde
Jan 19, 2018

      Newly renovated  house, full of "decoration taste", as we know that the newly  renovated house there are varying degrees of decoration pollution, and  70% of the interior decoration pollution is formaldehyde pollution. Therefore, after the renovation of new houses, the owners generally try every means to detect and remove formaldehyde.

      If the decoration is completed but not yet live, it can also be through the air, let formaldehyde naturally distributed. However,  if you want to stay, can not always open the doors and windows every  day? Really put more green tea plantations on the end of everything?  Non-green plants to absorb formaldehyde capacity is limited. What  else is there? Air purifier, but the air purifier on the market varied,  for the new home in addition to formaldehyde,what  kind of purifier we have to choose?

     BEIDOUYH air purifier follow the traditional filteration technology while emiting the air purifying  molecules which obtained the patent for invention,the molecules will neutralize PM2.5 particles ,sterilize the air,remove odors in the air, remove formaldehyde automatically. It is more efficient.

      The fresh preparation consists of compound quaternary ammonium salt,silane and other organic macromolecules in proportion.The silane molecules are used to cure the bacteria to the surface of the fresh preparation, and then the compound quaternary ammonium salt will kill the cured bacteria.


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