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Is The Room Smells Bad? Beidouyh Air Purifier Hleps You To Purify The Air Effectively.
Nov 08, 2018

Do you have troubles like this, every time you get home from work, the room is not only stuffy, but also a taste? If you use air fresheners or lemon peel to cover up the smell, it will only make the air inside the room more complicated. Many of these odors are gases that are harmless to the human body. In the  long run, they will cause great damage to the body, causing the body to be in a sub-healthy state and even induce various diseases.


For the average family, the source of the odor is varied. The fumes from the kitchen cooking will stick to every corner of the room, open the wind and ventilate couldn't solve the problem. Newly renovated houses, newly bought furniture, and more or less unpleasant paint smells,  because of the constant volatilization, as long as the concentration of closed doors and windows will rise, it is a headache. There is also the smell of the toilet, the damp musty smell of the clothes, etc., it is difficult to remove it once.

In today's increasingly smog, air has become a hot spot for many people. Many people know that air purifiers can purify impurities in the air, but they don't know that air purifiers have a good purifying effect on odors. The beidouyh air purifier uses a new patented technology - preparation, which not only effectively purifies the air, but also removes odors and creates a cleaner indoor environment. What's more, our preparation has four fragrance for your choice, lemon, lavender, unscented and jasmine flower. Lemon has a faint fragrance that helps to refresh your mind, relieve stress, replenish your room with "vitamin". As for lavender, it's natural and elegant fragrance stays in the air, as if you are in the flower sea of Provence lavender. It effectively relaxes muscles and helps to improve the quality of your sleep. Unscented is the closest nature taste which makes us feel like in a fresh oxygen bar to bring energy and health for our body. And the faint jasmine fragrance fills the air, gining people a pleasant, joy, inspiration and relaxing mood.

BDYH-8308 air purifier

HEPA filter, electrostatic electret filter technology, activated carbon filter, dust collection technology, physical technology, negative ion and plasma method, biotechnology, polymerization technology,  mineralization decomposition and other technologies in different types of air purifiers helps decompose and adsorb harmful gases in the room. However, due to the wide variety of air cleaner products on the market, it is difficult to supervise, so the products are mixed, and the purification effect of the air purifier is not so ideal, especially the purification effect of the odor.

As a professional air purifier brand, beidouyh is known for its craftsmanship and rigor in the market, and has won unanimous praise in the industry.

Of course, we still need to use it correctly in order to maximize the effectiveness of the air purifier. It is understood that the longer the air purifier is used, the more pollutants are filtered by the filter element, and all of it is deposited in the filter element. Once it encounters the humid weather, it will produce an odor. At this time, the filter element has lost the  function of filtration and purification. These odorous gases will be discharged along with the filter element. Beidouyh air purifier mainly uses the preparation to purify the air. Compared with traditional air purifiers, it can effectively prevent secondary pollution. The service life of our machine is more than 10 years. And the preparation only needs to be changed every one or two months, it is portable and easy to use and removing the formaldehyde for a long time.