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Beidouyh Air Purifier Helps You Clean Up The Dead Corner Of Home Hygiene
Nov 06, 2018

For people with frequent cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin and other allergic symptoms, close the doors and windows, staying at home still can not avoid allergens. For  allergens, I learned that there are six major categories of dander, mold, flowers, cats and other animals, such as dander, mold, flowers and formaldehyde, which are volatilized by household decoration materials. They usually hide in the air conditioner and are more likely to be "latent". In the "dead corner" of home hygiene, waiting for the opportunity to make waves, I also listed the four dead ends for everyone. How to remove them one by one is also a big problem. Fortunately, indoor appliances are  constantly upgraded with air purifiers' help.

Blind Corner 1

Bedroom greening: pollen, deciduous, mold, and in order to beautify the home environment, many people "green" the plants from the balcony to the living room and bedroom. I have an air conditioner to  sleep, but I feel sore throat, stuffy nose and even breathless when I  get up early. I should be vigilant. This may be pollen caused by flowers and plants placed in the bedroom.


Blind Corner 2

Wet area: mold bright alarm, mold spores floating around in the air, once inhaled by the body sensitive people, it will trigger an allergic reaction. Molds are mainly hidden in wet areas of the home,  such as washing machines, such as inner and lower water pipes, bathrooms, toilets, and the like.


Blind Corner 3

Decoration and decoration: Formaldehyde and scented candles (essential oils) in home decoration materials are volatile substances, not only allergens, but also the main irritants.


Blind Corner 4

Pet cage: dandruff hair gathering place

The cage in which the pet lives is a gathering place for dandruff hair, and the allergen still exists even after the animal has been removed from the cage for several months.


In the face of this situation, what should you do?

1, keep the room clean and hygienic, so that the room maintains a good ventilation cycle, both of which are essential.

2, air purifier helps to organize the indoor environment

There are many air purifiers on the market that have a good purification effect on indoor air bacteria, dander and dust. The traditional air purifiers just can clean the air only after inhale the polluted air into  the purifiers, which is passive, inefficient and can not clean the air in all corners. But our preparation is very active, with the help of only low-speed fans, it can actively spread to all corners of the room, fully clean the air.

In short, don't think that you will get bacteria only when you are away from home. As everyone knows, the living room we live in may also be a big source of  infection, especially in the above-mentioned corners that are easily overlooked.