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Be Careful With The Air Purifier's OEM Trap When Purchasing An Air Purifier
Aug 03, 2018

The smog of the smog has given birth to the fiery heat of the air purifier industry. The huge market space and potential will certainly attract other businesses to enter. However, the core cutting-edge technology of air purifier products is currently controlled by a few large brands, so the quality of products in the hot market is uneven, and as more and more cross-industry companies are attracted by profits into the air purifier industry, this makes this Industry chaos is frequent.

Hanston's purification experts told us that the air purifier industry is in a chaotic and disorderly situation. The chaos in the air purifier industry is mainly in four aspects.

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First, there are fewer big brands and more OEMs. There are nearly 200 brands that can be monitored in the market, and there are still many brands that are not monitored, and more industries are associated with them. Mature mature TVs such as color TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines have no more than 10 well-known brands in each category. Consumers' preferred brands are concentrated in the top few.

Second, the industry's entry threshold is low. The profits of major electrical appliances, including TVs and air conditioners, are relatively transparent, and there is no particularly profitable space for the new army to enter. The air purifier is different, the entry threshold is low, the profit margin is large, and there is no unified order. Air purifiers sold online, the lowest price is as low as 99 yuan, and are still sold in the formal e-commerce channel.

Third, there are many speculative companies. Because the current profit margin of air purifier products is relatively high, and the barriers to entry are low at the same time, this has formed an OEM and assembly manufacturer with speculative as the main purpose. Just like the cottage mobile phone, there is such a profit.

Fourth, the smog is serious, and consumers are more blind to purchase. Consumers are not fully aware of the air purifier products, and the industrial development is not transparent enough. At this stage, the air purifier products are expensive, tens of thousands of yuan, and cheaper, and there is no standard mark for the purification effect of different products. The high price does not necessarily have a good purification effect, and the low price is not necessarily a defective product. There is no uniform standard that leads to blindness in consumer purchase.


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It is this continuous smog that has turned the air purifier into a “big cake” and has become the last high profit margin in the home appliance industry and even the consumer electronics industry. If there is profit, there must be speculation. At present, there is no standard and no supervision of air purifiers. The pros and cons of the products themselves have the final say. Consumers can only listen to the flicker of the enterprise, which has caused a large number of speculators to enter quickly.