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Autumn Has Arrived, How Do You Deal With The Air?
Aug 28, 2018

Autumn is coming again, bad air has arrived, the sky is beginning to become gray, and the sand in the air has become more and more. Once you go out, you can feel the oncoming air changes, and you no longer dare to Come out with a mask.

In this weather, how do you feel relieved? How much do you think this kind of environment is harmful to you? A bad weather indirectly leads to your body becoming poor and getting bad. Can you do it safely?How much trouble has it brought to you when you return home?

Beidouyh Group can help you solve these troubles, so that you can stay at home with peace of mind, no longer have these concerns! Air purifier is your health sanitation!Beidouyh Group, which insists on building a “national brand”, has obtained long-acting disinfection and neutralization technology of national invention patents by means of sensor network technology derived from aerospace technology, Beidou environmental cloud technology and precision manufacturing capability, and launched an automatic assessment of air quality. Intelligent cleaning of air purifiers, such as active odor removal, active killing of fungi and viruses, and active reduction of PM2.5 concentration.

5 core purification technologies, no harm to hide

At present, people are paying more and more attention to the current air environment in the car. Beidou Yinhe Air Health Breathing Bao has “high-efficiency deodorization (smoke, musty smell)”, “high-efficiency aldehyde removal”, “high-efficiency disinfection and sterilization”, “efficient removal of cockroaches” and The five core technologies of “Bio-essential oil repellent and insect-repellent” can effectively eliminate the function of formaldehyde to remove odor and purify the air environment, so that no harmful objects can be hidden.