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Are You Still Using The Traditional Way To Remove Formaldehyde, It's Time To Purchase An Air Purifier!
Nov 21, 2018

As we all  know, the impact of formaldehyde on our health is serious, and it is an essential part of all kinds of decoration materials. The traditional method of removing formaldehyde does not have much effect. In world's indoor air quality standards, it has been clearly stated that the limit of plum formaldehyde is 0.1mg per square meter in the indoor air, if it exceeds this standard, it will have an impact on the human body. Under the a wide range of publicity, the public is still more aware of this harmful gas, so after moving into a new decorated house, most people will choose to open the window ventilation to remove formaldehyde, which is one of the best way in the initial stage. But most people move into the residence immediately after ten days of opening the window and ventilate. In this case, the effect of formaldehyde volatilization will still exist in the later stage, and in the traditional process of  removing formaldehyde, some items will be used, such as the remaining tea, grapefruit peel and activated carbon, etc.

However, some experts have already done experiments. If you want to use activated carbon or drink the remaining tea leaves to absorb formaldehyde, the effect is very small, and you want to have the amount  needed for the effect in a certain period of time, even it will reach tens of kilograms or more, and most households use only a few hundred grams of activated carbon to remove formaldehyde, which shows that the effect is not satisfactory.

The air purifier makes the formaldehyde look like the shape, the air purifier formaldehyde CCM value: F4 (>1500mg), mostly using the composite filter, formaldehyde CADR value: 408.8 cubic meters / hour,  the formaldehyde removal effect is more efficient than other traditional way.

Many people say that air purifiers carry out formaldehyde removal. The first thing that comes to mind is window ventilation. They think that the principle of the two methods is very similar, so it is better to buy an air purifier at a price of three or four thousand yuan. Ventilation of windows, removal of formaldehyde needs attention, the effect of air ventilation to remove formaldehyde is undoubted, but it does not mean  that windows can be ventilated at any time, for example, in the cold  winter, after heating in the north The air in the room suddenly rises, which will make the formaldehyde volatilize quickly. Most of the furniture has formaldehyde, and as the temperature increases, the volatilization rate of formaldehyde will  increase significantly. In winter, the window will be ventilated, and  the class will be short-term, if more than ten The  temperature in the minute room may drop to zero. It is very difficult for the inhabitants to adapt to the cold. Therefore, it is not suitable for long-term ventilation in winter and formaldehyde starts to volatilize when the temperature is high. Air purifiers are naturally more advantageous than window ventilation.

In addition to the above, it is the same in rainy weather, windy weather, etc., or  at night, the long-term window ventilation at night is naturally no problem in summer, but it is difficult to implement after entering the autumn, so the air purifier has the effect is that  the traditional window opening method can not be replaced. In the clean air, the air purifier has a comprehensive effect, which can not only remove formaldehyde, but also effectively eliminate harmful gases and PM2.5.