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Analyze The Ozone Threat Of Air Purifier
Jan 18, 2018

    Air purifier  market blowout, an array of products, as a nascent industry, opaque  industry status quo, there are bound to countless factors affecting  consumer nerves, and in various media coverage, the ozone problem is  undoubtedly as a safety factor Everyone knows.

    "Ozone-purifying  air purifiers can not be bought", "XXX-brand air purifiers have ozone  pollution" ... News stories like these have come to mind and consumers  are increasingly alarmed, but the lack of security often stems from a  lack of awareness.

     The right amount  of ozone can make people comfortable, but when the ozone concentration  increases to a certain extent, people will feel the ozone irritation.

     When  the ozone concentration per cubic meter of non-circulating air reaches  0.1mg, people's throat, nasal cavity and other organs will feel  irritating. And when this concentration reaches 0.2mg / m3, respiratory disease will be exacerbated, while the eyes will feel irritating.

     When  ozone becomes sparse in the atmosphere, it loses the important function  of blocking ultraviolet light and protecting the Earth's biology.  However, when ozone is too concentrated in the troposphere, it acts on  animals and creatures just like toxins. Not only does it make plants The leaves are oxidized and can also damage the respiratory system of humans and animals.