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Air Purifiers To Care For The Family's Respiratory Health
Jul 17, 2018

If you  always find the pedestrians walking around in the street with masks,  don't be surprised that they are "like the enemy". Now the air is always  filled with all kinds of particles and germs that are invisible to our eyes, although the masks Performance is not strong, but wearing is always better than nothing, it can give people more peace of mind.

"Responsible on the outside, at home, by the net." Although it is only possible to get safer air through the mask when going out, there is no need to "grip" yourself at home. An excellent air purifier can provide a safe and harmless breathing environment for your family and protect your breathing.

BDYH-8105 Portable Car Air Purifier

Application Area: 3-5 cubic meters

Product has built-in lithium battery, portable and easy to use, suitable for 3-5 cubic meters of space, especially for new cars, newly decorated rooms to remove formaldehude odor.

car air purifier.jpg

BDYH-8103 Room Air Purifier

Application Area: 12-18 square meters

Product is suitable for all types of rooms 12-18 square meters, such as bedroom, hospital wards, hotel rooms, dining and entertainment boxes and other occasions.

Main Functions

  1. Device has built-in with Industrial Sensor for TVOC quality, Formaldehyde, Humidity, Temperature dispalyed in real-time.

  2. Windspeed adjustable: Low, medium, High speed.

  3. Power-saving Automatic mode available.

  4. Preparation and Hepa filter kits pelacement.

  5. Preparation kit + Hepa filter 2 in one mode for High efficient air cleaning.

  6. Products Suitable for the space 12-18 square meters.

air purifier car.jpg

BDYH-8102 Household Air Purifier

Application Area: 30-60 square meters

Product has built-in WIFI, can remote control through mobile APP, with built-in PM2.5 sensor, can be manually operaed, but also automatically start and stop through the real-time detection of indoor air quality. Product are suitable for all kinds of rooms 30-60 square meters, such as meeting rooms, home living room, hotel rooms, but also for all types of catering, entertainment, office staff and other intensive occasions.

home air purifier.jpg