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Air Purifiers Could Protect Heart From Air Pollution, Study Says
Aug 30, 2017

Air pollution causes severe harm to the heart health. A recent study suggested that air purifiers can play a significant role to protect the heart from this threat.

Recently, researchers performed a study in China to explore how the air purifiers play an important role to save the heart from air pollution. During this research study, fifty-five college students participated. These students used fake or real air purifiers in the dormitory rooms. The researchers estimated these students' outdoor and indoor exposure to the fine particulate matter or PM2.5.

The PM2.5 is an air pollution component that originates from factories, vehicles, smoking, fires and the power plants. The outcome of the study showed that the exposure to the high levels of the PM2.5 enhanced the stress hormones among the students. It ultimately triggered the metabolic changes that could enhance the risk of heart disease. But, the air purifiers could play a vital role to protect the heart.

The findings of this study were published in the popular journal Circulation. The important fact is the researchers found that the air purifiers helped to decrease the indoor levels of the PM2.5 by 82 percent. It even lowered the levels of stress hormones.

Most importantly, after using the air purifier for 24 hours, the levels of the PM2.5 came within the safe range of the World Health Organization. According to the study author Dr. Haidong Kan, health benefits from the air purifiers are visible in the study.