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Air Purifiers Are Not Luxury Accessories, But Essential Necessities!
Aug 13, 2018

The average number of inhaled exhalations per person per day is 20,000. In order to get the oxygen that depends on us, we must breathe 12,000 liters of air into the lungs one day.According to data provided by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the number of pollution days in Beijing was 175 days in 2014, 197 days in Tianjin, 125 days in Chengdu, 152 days in Shenyang, 112 days in Lanzhou, and 264 days in Shijiazhuang! According to relevant data, there are 500,000 people who die prematurely because of air pollution every year in China!

In addition, the pollution inside the air can not be ignored.TVOC is one of the more serious factors affecting indoor air pollution. It can be evaporated in the form of air at normal temperature. Its toxicity, irritation, carcinogenicity and special odor can affect the skin and mucous membranes and cause acute damage to the human body. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines VOCs as carbon-containing compounds that participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions in addition to carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metal carbides, carbonates, and ammonium carbonate. The main source of TVOC is outdoor, mainly from fuel combustion and transportation: indoors are mainly from combustion products such as coal and natural gas, smoke from smoking, heating and cooking, construction and decoration materials, furniture, household appliances, furniture, Detergents and emissions from the body itself.

So,you need an air purifier

Air pollution is not only affecting the respiratory system, but also affecting the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and nervous systems, but the respiratory system is the first to bear the brunt.Beijing has increased lung cancer by 60% in the past decade. This is a very amazing number. The cancer with the highest morbidity and mortality is lung cancer. It should be said that air pollution is a very important reason.It is a wise decision to choose a quality air purifier to create a fresh air environment for you and your family.