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Air Purifier With A Monitor,You Can Know The Air Clean Or Not
Dec 04, 2017

     Research shows that 90% of indoor PM2.5 comes from indoor activities. Modern people live and work indoors for most of the day, with 65% of their time at home. A  five-year survey by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  found that many civil and commercial buildings have extremely high  levels of air pollution, which is several to ten times more than outdoor  air pollution.
    In the period of frequent  indoor activities, especially during the day, kitchen fumes, secondhand  smoke, pet activities, pollen dust, etc. can cause indoor PM2.5 several  times higher than outdoors.

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    In the winter with poor air circulation, indoor air quality problems really can not be ignored.

    BDYH air Purifier built in with Sensors for TVOC, formaldehyde,temp&hum data analysis,and also air quality data displaying,can let you know the air quality real time.