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Air Purifier Use Precautions
Aug 10, 2018

In fact, air purifiers are still relatively unfamiliar household appliances for most people, but as people's living standards improve, the requirements for air quality are getting higher and higher, and air purifiers are gradually attached with the "just need" attribute, many The family started to use the air purifier, and today we are going to popularize the basic air purifier knowledge.

1.Is there any use of the air purifier?

In April last year, some experts released the "Data Analysis Report on Indoor Air Quality Survey", saying that modern people have 80% of the time to stay indoors, and the per capita indoor PM2.5 intake is four times that of outdoor. Experts say that even if the doors and windows are completely closed in the haze, if the purification method is not adopted, the concentration of indoor PM2.5 is at least 1/3 of the outdoor. Proper use of air purifiers is necessary to improve indoor air quality.

2.When the smog is serious, can you open the window for ventilation?

Find a balance between window ventilation and air purification. Even if the outdoor air is bad, the crowded indoor space should be ventilated. When the outdoor air quality is not good, the window opening time is shorter, the window closing time is longer, and the air purifier is always on.

For example, when you wake up in the morning and leave the bedroom, you can open the window for a short time to ventilate. Once you return to the bedroom, close the window and open the purifier. When the outdoor PM2.5 monitoring value is less than 75 μg/m3, it is good, the window ventilation is conducive to the improvement of indoor air quality, and when the outdoor PM2.5 monitoring value is higher than 150 μg/m3, the window is ventilated. This behavior has also become a destructive factor in indoor air quality.

3.Where should the purifier be placed?

Experts pointed out that the suspension time of PM2.5 is relatively long. If the distance between the person and the purifier is far away, the air quality around the human body will not be improved as soon as possible. It is best to place the purifier on the side where the person is, and the other unused room doors are closed to ensure the clean air around them.