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Air Purifier Should Be Chosen Like This
Sep 17, 2018

For most consumers, the air purifiers that were new to the past few  years have undergone significant changes in the past two years. On the one hand, consumers are gradually aware of the dangers of indoor  air pollution. On the other hand, as the pace of consumption upgrading  accelerates, people's demand for healthy living and quality of life  becomes more and more urgent. Air purifiers naturally enter more  consumers' sights.


We have  also seen more air purifier brands and styles, constantly flooding the  entire air purifier market, which is a difficult problem for many  consumers who do not understand air purifiers. Today we teach you how to buy the air purifier that you need most.

Choose according to the size of the room

The power of the air purifier is different, and the applicable area is naturally  different. If the area is large, it is necessary to select a product  with a large application area, and the parameters of each product are also  applicable, so that everyone does not buy it wrong, the above of the machine has been marked with the application area.

However, many air purifiers with high purification effect use better filter materials, and the technology is also advanced a lot. The scope of  application is even larger, which helps everyone save a lot of time to choose air cleaner.  This must also be taken into consideration when choosing your air cleaner.

Choose according to the function of purification

According  to the indoor environment of the residence, and the corresponding  purification effect to select the required functions, the main function  of the current air purifier is to remove smoke, purify the air and  disinfection. Different products will also have functions. It is multifunctional and can be used in a non-ventilated environment for a long time.

The  air purifier is suitable for a variety of new decoration or new  furniture environment, especially the current formaldehyde problem is  very serious, so much more directly affects people's respiratory tract,  causing many types of diseases, and serious cancer may also occur. These are all needed to solve the problem with an air purifier.

The indoor air circulation is not good, but there is always dust and formaldehyde volatilization, as well as various bacteria. It  is very useful to place an air purifier indoors, not only to allow air  to circulate, but also to remove dust, bacteria and the dust in the  car. There are some small hairs in the room, especially some people like to keep pets. The hair left by the pet in the air is not cleaned by the vacuum cleaner. Air purifiers can help us clean the air and enjoy a healthy life every day.