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Air Purifier Remove Smoke
Apr 03, 2018

    In addition to providing  effective filtering of harmful substances in home-installed sources,  BEIDOUYH air purifier can also filter common air pollution sources such  as secondhand smoke to protect the family's respiratory health. On  this basis, BEIDOUYH air purifier is sensitive to  detect subtle changes in the concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 in the  air, making it possible to achieve speed and effectiveness of  purification.  

    Looking  around the current air purifier market in China, most brands are  struggling against the backdrop of environmental improvements, and BEIDOUYH is already deepening the protection of the user's  respiratory health, excavating a new generation of air purification  solutions for full escort. In the aspect of giving  users a more reliable purification experience, on the other hand, it is  clear that the uncontrolled and empty net industry has a mature and  long-term development path. In the end, we must  say that air purifiers that can only remove helium are far from enough  for home users. They really need to re-examine the value of air  purifiers.