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Air Purifier Purification Material Must Be Replaced In Time
Apr 04, 2018

     The  core component of the air purifier is a filter layer, and air purifier  filters produced by various manufacturers generally have three or four  layers. The  first layer is the pre-filter. The materials used by each brand of the  filter are not the same, but their effects are the same. The main  purpose is to remove large particles of dust and hair. The  second layer is a highly efficient HEPA filter. This layer of filter  mainly filters allergens in the air, such as ticks and pollen, to filter  inhalable particles with a diameter of 0.3 to 20 microns. This layer of filter filters out PM2.5 particles that are currently of general concern to consumers. The service life of this filter is usually several years.

     The third layer is activated carbon filter. Mainly used to remove odors, this layer of filter life is longer,  regularly get the sun drying can be a good extension of the filter life.

     If  the filter is full of dust and particles after prolonged use, these  deposits are likely to be blown into the air again with the air. In  addition to the formaldehyde in the formaldehyde net, it is also likely  to be concentrated again in the air. This is typical. Secondary pollution.

     BEIDOUYH air purifier,blow out the air clean formulation molecules which obtained the patent for invention.Highly  active organic clean molecules will quickly spread to the environment  space, neutralize with the active PM2.5 particles and kill the harmful  bacteria in the air to eliminate the air in the air odor, clean the air  efficiently and completely.