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Air Purifier Protects Your Breathing Freedom
Jan 17, 2018

      Autumn and winter are high incidence of haze  each year, reducing the number of people out of the frustration has become a choice. In  the haze seasons, even if the doors and windows closed, wearing a  mask can not really block PM2.5 and a variety of gaseous pollutants. The long-term lack of fresh air pollution in the environment, it will cause great harm to our body. 

     BEIDOUYH air purifier not only use traditional fiteration technology,but also emit air-purifying preparation molecue.The organic purifying molecules will nerualize PM2.5 particles,sterillize the air,removeodors in the air automatically.And Our air purifier with built-in sensors for TVOC,Formaldehyde,Temp&Hum data analysis and has a screen to let you know the air quality in real time.


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