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Air Purifier Home Portable
Apr 04, 2018

      According to  data from an authoritative survey agency, the penetration rate of air  purifiers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States  reached 35%, Japan 28%, South Korea 65%, and China only 2%. In  recent years, severe haze weather has continued to occur in North  China, Northeast China, and South China. As a result, people’s travel  life has been hampered. Therefore, as people’s living standards continue  to increase, more attention is paid to health, and air purifiers have  become a response for many families. The first choice for serious air pollution.

     With  the technical openness and sharing of air purifier products, the  threshold for entry into the air purifier industry has gradually  decreased, and more and more home appliance companies have begun to  enter the air purifier industry. According  to statistics of end-brands in 2010, there are more than 20 brands of  air purifiers sold on the market in China. By the end of 2016, the  number of brands has increased to more than 500. In the face of a huge market, various brands have exerted their  efforts in technology, brand influence, and end-user experience. The  situation that air purifiers are still responsible for more than 70% of  the sales volume of imported brands is gradually being broken.

    Our  residents spend more than 20 hours working, studying, and living  indoors every day. They occupy more than 80% of the day's time. Indoor  air quality is more important to people's health than outdoor air. The  general indoor air circulation The way is to use an exhaust fan, or open the windows to allow air to circulate. However, in the face of frequent hazy weather, it is impossible to circulate air. Due to the increasing requirements for quality of life, the  requirements for indoor air purifiers are becoming more and more  specific. Air purifiers are required in workplaces, leisure places,  living rooms, and bedrooms.

     In 2012, China sold 300,000 air purifiers. By 2016, sales of air purifiers had reached 75.5 million units. The  product range extends from a single household product to commercial,  automotive, KTV, chess and card room, and new air systems. Therefore, Langya Air Purifier believes that in China, air purifiers have a good market development prospects.