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Air Purifier: Give You A Reason To Fall In Love With Winter
Nov 16, 2018

According to the report, the impact of formaldehyde emissions on winter pollutants is much greater than previously thought. Scientists believe that the “large part” of sulfides in winter haze is the result of the chemical reaction between formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide released by coal combustion during winter heating. 

As soon as winter enters into, the child coughs and sneezes constantly!

In the winter when the haze is frequent, the burning of the heating material is likely to form an outdoor haze; at the same time, the increase in the room temperature caused by the heating will accelerate the rapid evaporation of formaldehyde molecules in the decoration and decoration materials, causing indoor air pollution. In this way, we are breathing "toxic gases" whether we open the window or close the window.

Open the window to suck the fog, close the window to absorb formaldehyde, how should we go this winter?

Dealing with smog, dust mites, pollen, virus and other pollutants, truly indoor and outdoor air circulation replacement, filtering harmful particles and viruses in the air, is the correct solution. In order to achieve the best purification effect, it is a good choice to have a 24-hour safe and healthy breathing, to equip the home with an empty net product, and to be able to remove the professional equipment.

Especially in families with children at home, the baby's nasal filtration capacity is weaker than that of adults. It is easy to inhale these pollutants, especially when heating in winter, the indoor air humidity changes greatly, the bacteria grows fast, and a lot of bacteria in the air, Pathogens such as viruses can easily cause respiratory diseases such as colds, flu, bronchitis, coughing and sneezing, and empty net products have become the root cause of solving indoor respiratory health problems.

This winter, we are not afraid of the cold, not afraid of air pollution, let the air purifier give everyone a reason to fall in love with winter!