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Air Purifier For Remove Formaldehyde
Apr 04, 2018

      With the advent  of the Ching Ming Festival, the spring weather became more and more  intense, and the temperature was constantly rising. In  the hot weather, indoor formaldehyde has also become active.  Formaldehyde is the most active pollutant in the summer. The  concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor environment in summer can  easily exceed the standard. The effect of formaldehyde on health cannot  be ignored. The main hazards of formaldehyde: not  only will cause respiratory damage, but also may cause infants and young  children with leukemia and a series of blood diseases.

     The air purifier becomes a new choice to remove formaldehyde. Some air purifiers specially  designed for formaldehyde have built-in activated carbon filters. They  can quickly absorb indoor formaldehyde through scientific and rational  design. Therefore, if you are anxious to stay in a new house, you can  choose an air purifier to quickly In addition to formaldehyde. However, it should be noted that in addition to formaldehyde filters need regular exposure to continue to play a role.