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Air Purifier Daily Maintenance Tips
Sep 13, 2018

When it comes to air purifiers, everyone is very familiar with them. In order to have a good environment, most households will have air purifiers installed. However, since it is clean air, it will definitely absorb a lot of dust and dirt after a long time, so pay attention to the usual maintenance.


1.Air Purifier Maintenance - Filter Cleaning

If the use time is too long, the internal filter will be easily contaminated with certain dust, so it needs to be cleaned and replaced. The first layer of filter is a pre-filter that resembles a large air-conditioning filter. Pre-filtering large particle contaminants requires 1-2 cleanings per month. The filter can be removed during cleaning and dust can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or rag. Some can also be washed. Filters using HEPA technology are typically replaced in 6 months.

2.Air purifier maintenance - pay attention to clean the shell

If the use environment is special, the shell is contaminated with a lot of dust and dirt, etc., always use a clean damp cloth to wipe, be careful not to use organic solvents such as gasoline, banana water, etc., to avoid damage to the plastic material shell.

3.Air purifier maintenance - not to be used

Do not use for a long time, turn off the power, clean it, put it in the box, and put it in a ventilated, dry place to avoid moisture.