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Air Cleaners For Allergies
Jul 19, 2018

In the hot summer months, most people choose to stay indoors and enjoy the cool comfort of air conditioning. This  also causes the pollutants in the indoor air to be unable to spread,  and the accumulation of less and more, affecting our health. Therefore,  many people will choose to have an air purifier at home to enjoy the  coolness while also ensuring that fresh air is breathed. We  all know that if you smoke in an air-conditioned room, the taste is  really bad, and the smell of the confined space is lingering, and the  long-term wet bathroom always feels the smell.


Analysis of the function of air purifier

Then the  question is coming, how can we get rid of the smell? Some friends will  say: "I have an air purifier in my house, even the air can be purified,  this smell is small!" Air purifier really has the function of removing  odor How can we remove these unpleasant and disliked smells? It is worth studying.

First  of all, let's talk about the working principle of air purifiers. The  common air purifiers on the market are usually composed of high-voltage  generating circuit negative ion generator, micro-fan, air filter and  other systems. The  main working principle of the air purifier is: using a fan to pump air  into the machine, filtering the air through the built-in filter, which  can mainly filter dust, odor, toxic gas and kill some bacteria. The filter is divided into: dust collection filter, formaldehyde removal filter, deodorization filter, HEPA filter, etc. The higher cost is the HEPA filter, which can decompose toxic gases and sterilize, especially to suppress secondary pollution.

Then  give everyone the main function of the indoor air purifier on the  market, function one: air purification function, with the role of clean  air, improve the environmental quality. Function  2: Dust removal function can effectively solve the fiber impurities  such as dust, coal dust, smoke in the air, various inhalable particles,  and prevent humans from breathing these harmful dust particles, thus  effectively preventing respiratory diseases. Function 3: Deodorization function, constantly changing indoor air to ensure a virtuous cycle of indoor air. Function 4: Sterilization function, air purifier can prevent the harm of formaldehyde and protect people from leukemia. Function  5: Neutralize chemical gas function, air purifier can effectively  neutralize formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds and  pesticides.

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Air purifier's deodorization ability

I believe that people who have carefully read the article must have noticed the function three, deodorizing function. I  also understand that the air purifier can actually remove the odor to a  certain extent! But what is the effect? Let us give an example of the  smell of smoke. Experiments have shown that more than 3,000 kinds of  toxic substances can be separated from the smoke of tobacco, among which They are nicotine (nicotine), tobacco tar, hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, acrolein and nitric oxide. Be aware that 90% of the smoke is gas, and the rest are soot particles. The  HEPA filter in the air purifier can effectively remove and remove  particulate matter such as PM2.5, but it is required to be a highly  efficient HEPA filter. The energy efficiency is above H12. The activated  carbon filter in the air purifier filter can be effectively removed. Formaldehyde,  benzene, TVOC and other toxic and harmful gases, but the amount  required (up to a few Kg), and the iodine value is high (> 1000), in  order to effectively adsorb and decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC  and other toxic gases.

However,  the general air purifier will have several layers of filtering devices,  like the pre-filter to filter the larger particles in the air, and  basically have HEPA particulate filter, which can effectively filter  dust with a diameter of 0.3 microns. And bacteria, and then  may increase the iodine value of the activated carbon filter device,  which can effectively purify the air odor such as second-hand smoke. There  are also manufacturers of air purifiers using UV lamps, so air  purifiers have a role in air odor and harmful pollutants in the air. Here, Xiaobian wants to say that smoking in an air-conditioned room is really uncomfortable. That  taste is really bad smell! The effect of the air purifier is good,  please also smoke less~ After all, smoking is harmful to health!

Therefore, the lobby has a smell of smoke, the bedroom has an odor, and the air purifier can still help you. But  it is only a certain smell for the current environment. If your home is  close to the garbage dump, then the air purifier can't help. Warm reminder, the air purifiers on the market today are mixed. If you want to have an air purifier that can purify the air and remove the odor, you must choose the right one.