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Air Cleaner Air Purifier
Apr 04, 2018

      With the rapid  development of economy and science, at the moment of national  jubilation, the domestic environment has also entered an insurmountable  realm. The deterioration of the environment is obvious. Although we are  constantly trying to improve it, environmental issues are often not a  glimpse. Therefore, we also need to continue to protect ourselves. Especially  in the winter, fog and haze weather has gradually deepened into our  lives. At the same time, many fog artifacts have entered our field of  vision. One of the most popular products is an anti-mite mask, but a  simple one. Does the mask really give us all-round protection? Obviously unlikely. So what else can give us better protection?

     Air purifiers are one of them. Of course, many people will say that even if I don't use an air purifier, I still live in good condition. To  be honest, the haze of twilight is beyond your imagination. Since 2012,  haze has become the number one killer of all people's health! According  to the Chinese Ministry of Health, in the past 30 years, lung cancer  has become the number one cancer killer, and lung cancer mortality has  increased by 465% in China, and smog is the number one killer that has  contributed to smog. Then, in the autumn and  winter when the fog raged, the use of air purifiers to purify the indoor  air has become the consensus of everyone. In  fact, in addition to popping PM2.5, most people also face the multiple  threats of indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other decoration pollutants,  so the necessity of using an air purifier is also very important.