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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Active Air Purifiers?
Sep 06, 2018

As one of the health appliances, air purifiers are highly regarded by people who focus on healthy living.

Although  the air purifier industry has a wide variety of products, it is  generally divided into active purification and passive purification.


The  purifying principle of the active air purifier is: the motor drives the  fan to make the indoor air reach the circulating state. After the  polluted air passes through the air filter in the machine, various  pollutants are removed or adsorbed to purify. The purpose of the air.

Active  purification has many products on the market. It has high purification  efficiency, fast purification speed and comprehensive purification  effect. Because the active purification air purifier has fluidity, it  can not only filter pet hair and dander, but also purify the air. Harmful gases, eliminate floating organisms in the air, remove indoor odors, and improve indoor air quality.

Although  the active air purifier has the above advantages, everything has two  sides. It has the disadvantages of high consumption of the filter  material, high replacement frequency, and the noise of the air purifier  increases as the air volume increases, so it is selected. At  the time of purchase, the air purifier can be selected according to the  area of the use environment, so that the noise can be well controlled.