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2018 Air Purifier Purchase Strategy
Aug 02, 2018

Half of the time has passed in 2018, and air pollution is relatively light during the year. The most recent time is a good time for picking up air purifiers. why? From the perspective of supply and demand, the price of the machine is now the most favorable time of the year.

Many friends will ask: Which model is suitable for you? Is it only possible to look at the CADR value (clean air output)? Is it better for foreign brands than domestic goods? What is the fresh air system and the new air blower? Choose it or choose an air purifier...

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1) In the Chinese market, the brands and models of air purifiers are a bit more. Friends who are not very familiar with it are really picky. Not every model is worth buying. It’s true that air purifiers have always been The trend of high prices, picking up a good quality machine does require some effort.

2) CADR value (clean air output), CCM (cumulative purification), filter category level, energy consumption level, motor quality, purification technology, and other technical terms about empty net, it is not difficult, you can understand, Very helpful for your purchase.

3) The air inside the house is always in a state of circulation. If there is no completely closed room, what should I do if the air is polluted? The new fan is filtered and purified before the polluted air outside the house enters the room. It means that the vast majority of the air entering the room is clean, and the indoor air pressure can be adjusted to make the external polluted air enter a smaller amount;

An air purifier is a machine that is placed indoors. It simply cleans the existing air in the room, whether it is contaminated or not. But things have two sides, the installation of new fans is more troublesome, often requires holes in the wall or glass, and there are many restrictions. Buying an air purifier is easier, plugging in and turning it on is as simple as that.

4) I bought a lot of myself and bought it for my family and colleagues. I really found that a good air purifier should be like this: rapid purification + solid body work quality + environmentally friendly filter mesh and high level + fan power Stable foot movement + low noise + high CADR and CCM + energy saving.