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Do You Have A Job In The Maintenance Of The Air Purifier?
Jul 30, 2018

The purchase of air purifiers has become the choice of many families. As electrical appliances, they have their own conditions of use. Pay attention to machine maintenance. In addition to protecting the machine, it can also improve the efficiency of the machine.

First, where is the best place to put the air purifier at home?

Although in theory the purifier is the best in the middle of the house, in actual use, it will block the way in the middle of the house, disturbing our normal life. Therefore, the sofa, the bedside, the desk, etc. are all better locations. However, care must be taken to avoid letting the air inlet of the purifier against the wall, which will result in poor air intake at the air inlet and affect the purification effect.




Second, if there any necessary to open the purifier for 24 hours?

It varies from person to person. If you want to enjoy the fresh air when you get home, it is recommended to open it 24 hours when the air pollution is serious.

Third, the filter replacement function is reliable? How often do you change it?

The frequency of replacing the filter depends on the quality of the air. The place with poor air environment needs to be replaced in about 4-5 months. The place with slightly better air quality needs to be replaced in about 8-9 months. Of course, this is only a rough value, and the user has to decide whether the filter needs to be replaced according to the actual situation. In general, a good performance purifier will set up an air purifier filter replacement reminder service.


Fourth, there are children in the family, the elderly do not buy machines with negative ions?

Whether negative ions are harmful and there is no relevant scientific basis. With these related functional products, we must first check whether the ozone emission is qualified. Exceeding the standard is definitely not recommended.

air purifier preparation box.jpg 

Fifth: How to evaluate whether a purifier is qualified?

A good purifier = high CADR + high CCM + high energy efficiency + low noise! This is the empty new national standard, referred to as "three high and one low", to measure whether a purifier is qualified, the above four rules are important standards.

Purifiers, in addition to keeping the air in the home fresh and pleasant, the most important thing is to protect the family's respiratory health by removing harmful substances such as bacteria and particulate pollutants in the air. Therefore, the small common sense of these purifiers must be understood in detail.