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BDYH-8102 Household Air Purifier: Knows Earlier About The Misunderstandings Of Removing Formaldehyde
Jul 27, 2018

You may know that there is more formaldehyde in high temperature days. When the temperature rises by 1 °C, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air will increase by 0.15-0.37 times. You may not know that formaldehyde is released in the summer, so it is also eliminated. The best period of formaldehyde. However, in our daily life, there are all kinds of aldehyde misunderstandings. If you don't face it, you will really "smash the sesame and lose the watermelon." Below, follow the BDYH-8102 Household air purifier with outstanding aldehyde effect, and learn about our common aldehyde misunderstandings. See if you are perfect to avoid, or helpless?




Misunderstanding 1: Renovation uses environmentally friendly materials, there will be no formaldehyde

As we all know, decoration is the "hardest hit" of formaldehyde. However, there are still a large number of people who still have a chance to live. When they think that they are decorating, they use environmentally friendly materials and will not exceed the standard. As everyone knows, the reality is cruel, there is no so-called real environmentally friendly material, as long as it is a modern industry, whether it is paint, textiles, or furniture, chemical agents are used. Haier air purifier pointed out that the formaldehyde released by a piece of material is not terrible. The terrible thing is that all the decoration materials such as walls, carpets, curtains, bookcases, etc. at home are also emitted at high temperature, which is the most influential to the human body.


Misunderstanding 2: The house has lived for a long time, no need to remove formaldehyde

The harm of formaldehyde is obvious to all, and it can induce severe diseases such as leukemia, sinus cancer and fetal malformation. For this, some people may secretly sneak a sneak peek. After all, their house has lived for several years, and will no longer be threatened by formaldehyde, so they can be a "eat melon" crowd. This is not the case, because indoor pollution is a long-term process, such as formaldehyde, which has a volatilization cycle of 3-15 years and is recognized as a “chronic killer”. Haier air purifier reminds that even in the old residence, the formaldehyde that is lurking everywhere may be released, and it will damage the health of you and your family without knowing it.

BDYH-8102 Househld air purifier is also equipped with high-efficiency composite filter. It consists of primary filter, H11 HEPA filter and patent preparation box. It can intercept, adsorb and remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, odor and PM2.5 in the air, dust, dust mites, bacteria and other pollutants, to create a real healthy and good breathing for your home.

Misunderstanding 3: Open the window to ventilate, you can remove formaldehyde from your home

In the face of the dangers of formaldehyde, people talk about the color change. In the removal of aldehydes, I believe that many people first think of window ventilation, allowing indoor and outdoor air to convect to achieve gas exchange. BDYH air purifier pointed out that ventilation and ventilation can only play a role in relieving the symptoms, the symptoms are not cured, and the effect is difficult to control, and the introduction of outdoor pollutants can be described as "not worth the loss."

BDYH-8102 Household air purifier is equipped with intelligent human-computer interaction function in addition to rapid aldehyde removal and high-efficiency purification. It uses high-precision laser sensor to monitor indoor air quality in real time and display it on the control panel in digital form. You can see the purification effect at a glance and feel more at ease.




BDYH air purifier reminds that air purifiers are the best way to deal with indoor pollution such as formaldehyde.