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Who needs the air purifier most?
Oct 12, 2018

It is an indisputable fact that indoor air pollutants are more, but the damage caused by air pollution to the human body is usually chronic. It is difficult to notice the seriousness of air pollution, especially for some people with poor immunity. The consequences are even more unbearable, so who needs an air purifier most?

1, pregnant women


The difference in physiological structure leads to a greater impact on the female body after the decoration. Long-term exposure to low concentrations of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, female menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, causing neonatal physical decline; high concentrations of formaldehyde are toxic to the nervous system, immune system, liver, etc., it can also  induce fetal malformations, infants Early childhood leukemia.

2, children


Increased environmental pollution can lead to reduced immunity and intelligence in children! The  child's body is developing, the immune system is relatively fragile,  and the child's breathing rate is 50% higher than the adult weight,  which makes them more vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution can induce blood diseases in children and increase the incidence of asthma in children.

3, the elderly


When the human body enters the old age, various body functions are declining, and  it is more susceptible to various diseases caused by environmental  factors. Air pollution is not only an important cause of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, pharyngitis and pneumonia in the elderly, but also induces hypertension, cardiovascular, and cerebral  hemorrhage. It may also be life-threatening for the infirm.

4, patients with respiratory diseases


People with respiratory diseases live in polluted air for a long time, which may cause respiratory function decline, respiratory symptoms aggravation, and some may lead to chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema and other diseases. The prevalence of lung cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer will also be Increased.

5, office white-collar


White-collar workers have long been working in an environment with poor air quality,  which can easily lead to discomfort such as dizziness, chest tightness,  fatigue, and emotional ups and downs. The office environment has become  an invisible healthy chronic killer.