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When using an air purifier, should we open the window?
Nov 19, 2018

Nowadays, the air pollution is so serious, many families will consider buying an air purifier at home, but many people will have more or less doubts after perchasing it. For example, after buying an air purifier, do you need to open the window to ventilate? If you open the air purifier and do not open the window, the air has been circulating in the room, will you feel uncomfortable? If you open the window, wether the effect of the air purifier be effect? Such problems are indeed very annoying, after all, related to the physical and mental health of themselves and their families.


In fact, the role of the air purifier is to purify the air inside our room. The dust, large particles, bacteria, dust mites and formaldehyde in the air will be purified to prevent rhinitis and some respiratory diseases, so that the elderly and children at home Health is guaranteed.


Some families choose to open the doors and windows when opening the air purifier, because they think that since they bought the air purifier, even if they open the doors and windows, the air purifier will purify the polluted air, but the effect is often endless. So some people will feel that there is no use of the air purifier, it is better not to buy. But they actually ignore the point, that is, the principle of the air purifier is only to absorb the dirty air inside the room, and then through the layer of filtration, and finally release the purified air, when you open the door and window, although there will be new air coming in, but in fact, many pollutants will also enter the room, so even if the function of the air purifier is strong, the clean air after purification will only be swallowed by the dirty air, which greatly affects the air and the effect of the purifier will lower.


Although  the use of air purifiers in opening windows will affect the effect of purification, in fact, proper window ventilation is necessary, because the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase in the closed space for a long time, so it is necessary to open the window properly and let the new air run in, and it is best to open the window in the morning and evening, because the air pollution at these two time is relatively weak, the window ventilation time should not be too long, only after a short window opening, it is closed, so that it will excessively affect the effect of the air purifier. In the process of using the air purifier, its filter element is very dirty, so it needs to be cleaned and replaced in time. Otherwise, the effect of purifying will not be achieved, and its life will be shortened, which will endanger our physical and mental health. Especially when opening the window to use the air purifier, it will speed up the  dirtyness of the air purifier filter element, so it is necessary to clean and replace the filter element.


In addition to having the financial ability to buy an air purifier, you need to know how to use it to make it healthy for you and your family.