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What kind of air purifier is better?
Aug 24, 2018

Indoor air  pollution is not uncommon: dust, hair, fiber, smog, formaldehyde,  second-hand smoke, soot, odor, etc., our health is always covered by  these pollutants. The advent of the home air purifier has  given us more choices for health. Since we spend most of our time  indoors, the air purifier becomes necessary at this time. But how do we choose?

1, more comprehensive functions

The  most important pollutants in the air include physical pollution  represented by PM2.5, organic volatile gases represented by  formaldehyde, bacterial germs, and inorganic gases such as H2S, NH3, and  O3, which are important sources of odor. The general point  of physical pollution is light pollution, noise pollution,  electromagnetic radiation, humidity, etc. Many new decoration owners are  also beginning to pay attention to which marble and granite floors are  more serious.

In addition, experts have recently proposed new pollutants such as PCB, decane, decane and isoprene. At  present, the air purifiers on the market are mainly aimed at removing  PM2.5, removing formaldehyde, filtering micro-particles, removing odor,  and disinfecting. The effect is still quite obvious. As for whether  other harmful gases or pollutants are effective, there is no clear  answer.

The  functions mentioned here are comprehensive, mainly referring to the  purification functions that can be realized on the market. At  present, the air purifiers on the market are basically focused on  certain functions, and other functional effects are quite different from  the international level. And a qualified maternal  and child air purifier air purifier requires all aspects of the  function to reach the standard level, the effect is better than the  ordinary air purifier.

2, more convenient to use

Some  people may think that the remote control function of the air purifier  is a chicken rib design, so-called chicken ribs, tasteless, and a pity. However,  the author does not agree with this point of view, the remote control  function of the air purifier has officially considered the concept of  convenience. In particular, the maternal and child series air purifiers have higher requirements for convenient performance. In the same way as the remote control function, the Wi-Fi function can also achieve better performance characteristics.

3, more secure performance

In  fact, this is required for all air purifiers, but the current air  purifier brand on the market can achieve zero pollution, but many brands  of air purifiers will cause secondary pollution, such as breeding  bacteria, Light pollution, noise pollution, ozone  generation, etc., for these groups with weak immunity, these  requirements are relatively high, so maternal and child air purifiers  require strict control in these aspects.