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What issues should we pay attention to when using an air purifier?
Oct 10, 2018

The use of  the air purifier looks quite simple, but there are still many points to  be aware of when we use an air purifier. If it is used incorrectly, it will not only have  the effect of purifying, but also cause secondary pollution. Therefore, pay more attention to these aspects when using an air purifier, allowing the machine to fully play its role.


1, It should be ensured that the bottom of the purifier is placed at a stable position, and the position should be dry and ventilated. It is necessary to ensure that the inlet and outlet are unobstructed.

2, The purifier should be activated frequently at home, and the cleaning effect is best when used in combination with the air conditioner. The timing switch can be set when leaving.

3, Avoid using a purifier near water sources or volatile flammable materials to prevent accidents.

4, Do not place the humidifier on the purifier body to avoid co-frequency resonance noise.

5, When the purifier is energized, it should avoid direct contact, the  human body is best to leave the air outlet 0.3 meters or more.

6, Do a good job of daily cleaning: every 1-2 weeks with a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the dust filter; after a certain period of time, use the timely removal and replacement of the filter to ensure the cleaning effect.

7, Doors and windows should be closed during use, otherwise the effect of purifying indoor air will not be achieved.

8, Place the purifier in the most polluted area, or move it often, not in a certain corner.