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What are the main factors affecting the purification effect of air purifiers?
Jul 31, 2018

How is the purification use of an air purifier,it can be analyzed from all aspects, let me analyze for the majority of users what factors will affect the purification effect.

(1) Filter material The air purifier's super purification effect comes from high quality filter materials. Filter paper and non-woven fabric are used in the filter material in the air purifier. The two must be highly accurately matched to ensure permeability and efficiently filter harmful substances. The research and development is difficult and limited. The other type of activated carbon is the most widely used in the market. Although it has a good adsorption capacity, the pollutants will quickly become saturated and the filtration effect will decrease as time passes.



(2) Motor design The motor is an important component that directly affects the efficiency of the air purifier. The quality and power of the motor are important factors in the quality of the air purifier to purify the air. The air purifier is actually a flow path of the air circulation cycle. The motor is the source of power for air flow.

(3) Degree of spatial pollution The concentration of pollutants in the room is high. When purifying, pay attention to the degree of saturation of the adsorbed materials, especially the purification of chemicals. If necessary, replace the materials.



(4) Space size The air purifier will be designed according to the size of the space, and the motor and efficiency will be adjusted to the optimal data according to the area of the room. For example, our room is 50 square meters. Using an air purifier suitable for 120 square meters or less, the purification effect will be obvious. If the opposite is true, the 120 square house will use a 50 square air purifier, and the effect is obviously not good.

(5) Purification objects Due to different environments, many air purifiers are particularly targeted, because the new home decoration, TVOC, formaldehyde, benzene and other chemical pollutants after renovation and winter pm2.5 seriously affect health, so this type Consumers should consider their living environment to choose an air purifier so that they can purchase a good purifying effect.

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(6) As a whole
The structure of the air purifier can be seen as its main structure including: chassis, casing, filter, duct design, motor, power supply, control panel and other major components. A good high-efficiency purifier must be carefully crafted from research and development to spare parts to meet the strict qualification rate of finished products.