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What about indoor air pollution? It turns out that we have been cheated by these purification methods!
Sep 06, 2018

Indoor  formaldehyde pollution is getting more and more serious. People have a  strong solution to the problem of indoor air pollution control. However,  they can't find a good solution. They often see the company's office  area and after the home decoration is completed. It takes a  long time for vacant ventilation, which causes a lot of unnecessary  cost waste. After that, it uses a lot of folk soil methods, and the  specimens are all cured, which can give the user a little psychological  comfort.


Wrong view 1: All green plants can remove formaldehyde

There are quite a few people who have this view. In fact, only a few green plants can absorb and purify formaldehyde. For example: medium spotted orchids and green radish. However,  plants can only purify very little formaldehyde, so the effect is  extremely slow, and the green plant has been absorbing formaldehyde gas  and it is easy to yellow leaves or die.

Wrong view 2: Environmental protection furniture is pollution-free

Some people think that the home is green furniture, do not worry about formaldehyde pollution. In fact, environmentally friendly furniture will also release formaldehyde, but only a small release. However,  each piece of furniture is released, and a lot of pieces of furniture  add up, which also produces formaldehyde pollution.

Wrong view three: in addition to formaldehyde, only ventilation

Ventilation in addition to formaldehyde is only effective when the wind is large + window opening. However,  in fact, there are many times when this condition cannot be met, so the  effect of ventilation is very small, and formaldehyde will accumulate  again and threaten human health. Therefore, everyone has to take multiple measures to remove aldehydes at the same time.

Since  the air purifier has entered the ordinary family, it has been  recognized by more and more consumers. Is there any air purifier worth  recommending?

air purifier home.png

Beidouyh's products follow the filter air filter technology, at the same time,it will blow out the air clean formulation molecules which obtained the patent for invention.

Highly active organic clean molecules will quickly spread to the environment space, neutralize with the active PM2.5 particles and kill the harmful bacteria in the air to eliminate the air in the air odor, clean the air efficiently and completely.