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To independent research and development as the core to build Beidou industry chain
Feb 15, 2017

June 2015, the State Grid ICT Industry Group was China's satellite navigation and positioning application management center approved the "Beidou civil class division of service qualification", as a basis for the implementation of Beidou related hardware and software products of independent research work.

The national network of the letter industry group set up professional Beidou satellite navigation application software research and development team, the development of a number of Beidou related platform management system, and built Beidou operation test platform; developed based on the Beidou satellite navigation system Beidou time synchronization device, Beidou command machine, Terminal, Beidou partner, digital transmission terminal, power distribution terminal, tower monitoring device, electricity information collection terminal, Beidou car terminal and intelligent individual system and other hardware products, initially formed a more complete product system.