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These misunderstandings should be vigilant about the air purifier!
Nov 20, 2018

Winter is coming, smog is frequently hit, and air purifiers are standard equipment for many families. How to choose a suitable air purifier? What are the pitfalls of using an air purifier? Hurry and find out, are you doing the right thing?

How to choose the right air purifier?

First, consider the use of the purifier. Air purifiers are classified into many categories depending on the application, for example, smog, particulate matter, pollen, mites, etc., have a rough target according to your requirement before buying.

Second, according to the use of the purifier, consider the technical parameters of purification. If  you want to install an air purifier at home, and there are elderly people, children or patients with respiratory and asthma in the family,  then it is recommended to choose a purifier without ozone; if you want to sterilize, choose a machine that has sterilizing effect.

Third, the choice of air purifier air blowing direction. At present, there are two main ways of entering and exiting the air evolver. One is the wind in front of the front air inlet, and the second is the air entering the back (below). The wind is above, because the former may drive the air or The floating on the floor, so it is recommended to choose the second way of the purifier.

Fourth, energy consumption issues. It  is recommended to choose an energy-saving purifier, although the price will be more expensive, but when used, the energy consumption of the purifier is low, and the relative electricity bill will be low. Purifiers are usually classified into A-D grades based on energy consumption. If considered comprehensively, it is recommended to select A grades.

Fifth, the noise problem. The air purifier generates noise during use, and whether the sound emitted  by the purifier at the minimum air volume affects the rest of the person is a criterion for judging whether the purifier is qualified or not.

Sixth, when choosing a purifier, it is best to choose a machine with strong wind. Generally, the stronger the air volume, the better the purification effect it has. At the same time, choose a brand-guaranteed product. Considering the convenience of maintenance and maintenance costs, it is recommended to choose products with extended warranty.

Avoid these misunderstandings to use the air purifier correctly!

Misunderstanding 1: Do not maintain the cleaning filter

The filter has a certain degree of saturation. During the operation of the air purifier, the purification function will gradually decrease as the adsorbate increases. Moreover, after the filter is saturated, the particles adsorbed on the filter net become a hotbed of virus pathogens, which will multiply and breed bacteria. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will not only purify the effect but will release harmful substances. "Pollution source", causing secondary pollution. However, many brands of air purifiers on the market now have smart reminders to replace the filter screen and clean the prompt function, and must be replaced in time when it needs to be replaced. The cleanable filter screen like the primary filter screen is recommended to be cleaned regularly. After the adsorbent is added, not only the purification effect will be compromised, but also the life of the rear filter mesh will be reduced to some extent.

Myth 2: The air purifier is turned on for too short time

Many merchants introduce their own products to complete multiple purifications in one hour, and can complete multiple purifications in one hour. Does it mean that one or two hours of product opening is enough? The air purifier is a cycle purification process. It can effectively purify indoor pollutants after multiple purifications, so as to achieve the desired purification effect, so it is beneficial to open several hours per day.

Misunderstanding 3: No need to turn on the air purifier without odor

The indoor air standard is a comprehensive measure of the content of inhalable particulate matter, harmful gases, odors and bacterial viruses. It is not reasonable to determine the air quality by odor  alone. In addition to the large particles and odors that are easily felt on the surface, formaldehyde, benzene, radioactive cesium and other undesirable gases are colorless and odorless, and will only be revealed by the detection of air purifiers. These bad gases will cause great damage to  the body. hurt.

Misunderstanding 4: Place the air purifier close to the sofa and wall

In order to save indoor space, many families usually place products close to obstacles such as walls and sofas. In fact, the best position of the air purifier is the empty space of 1-2 meters from the obstacles before and after. The location does not affect the product's air intake and product airflow,  and the air supply is faster and farther away, shortening the purification time.

Myth 5: With the air purifier, there is no need to open the window for ventilation.

I bought an air purifier. It is not advisable to close the doors and windows and open the air purifier all day. This is not conducive to the service life of the air purifier, and is not conducive to human health. In fact, the outdoor weather is good, just open the window to ventilate.