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The working principle of air purifier and its advantages and disadvantages
Aug 20, 2018

According to the working principle of the filter of the air purifier, the type of purification is divided into three types:

First, the inertial collision adsorption principle is adopted to change the flow direction of the flowing air so that the polluted particles in the air flow with the air, and then filter and adsorb.

Second, the use of diffusion absorption, is caused by Brownian motion adsorption, particles in the air, electrostatic factors, in the gas diffusion adsorption factor combined with the particles, directly adsorbed by the fiber.

Third, it is a direct adsorption method. When the particles are larger than the filter medium, the particles are adsorbed and intercepted. The smaller the pore size of the filter medium, the higher the adsorption efficiency and the better the particle removal rate.

At present, there are many varieties of indoor purifiers, but the working principle is mainly summarized as follows, and the basic principles, advantages and disadvantages of the air purifier are introduced separately. Basic Principles, Advantages and Disadvantages of Passive Adsorption Air Purifiers The principle of passive adsorption filtration is to draw indoor air into the machine using an exhaust fan and filter the air through a built-in filter.

The main function is to filter out dust, odor and pollutants in the air. Such passive adsorption air purifiers usually consist of a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, a catalyst, an ultraviolet disinfection facility and an electrostatic adsorption filter. The HEPA filter mainly functions to filter particles, and the activated carbon filter function absorbs odor.

The passive adsorption air purifier utilizes the property of airborne contaminants flowing along with the air flow. As the air blower passes through the filter screen, the photocatalyst, the ultraviolet ray and the electrostatic cleaner of the electrostatic device are all passive adsorption purification principles. Passive air purifier is the most commonly used air purifier at present. Its advantage is that it is highly targeted to pollutants according to the filtration precision of different filters. The purification effect of PM2.5 and above is remarkable, the purification speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The main investment cost is low. However, its shortcomings are very obvious, mainly for particles below 0.3 microns can not be removed, and because of the fan equipment, there is a small amount of noise, power consumption, the need to periodically replace the filter element, easy to cause two pollution, while increasing supply costs.

Basic Principles, Advantages and Disadvantages of Active Air Purifiers Common purification technologies for active air purifiers on the market today are negative ion purification technology and photocatalytic technology and plasma ion group technology.

Active air purifiers do not require fans and filters. Unlike passive air purifiers, which draw in indoor air and then filter it out again, it actively releases negative ions into the air for purification and sterilization, allowing negative ions to diffuse naturally in the air. , diffused into the entire room, this negative ion purification technology is currently more mature with negative ion purification and ozone purification technology.

A disadvantage of the active purifier is that ozone is generated when the negative ions are decomposed. Compared with the passive purifier, the active test purifier is limited by indoor air circulation, and has low efficiency and high cost.

However, domestic well-known air purifier manufacturers point out that the advantages of active purifiers are also very obvious, such as very effective for small particle precipitation, and can quickly decompose formaldehyde, benzene and other VOC toxic gases, no need to replace the filter, the maintenance cost is low, because No need for fan inhalation, so low noise and low power consumption, it can run 24 hours, and it can release negative oxygen ions of negative ion air purifier, improve the body's immunity. Therefore, the active purifier is gradually becoming the mainstream of the purifier, gradually replacing the passive purifier.